Disc of Peace 2017

Sa, 7.10.2017 - So, 8.10.2017


Unsere Viertelfinalgegner vom FKT, das Team Shopski Otryad Sofia (Bulgarien) hat uns zu ihrem Turnier eingeladen.
Flüge kosten momentan ~50€ nach Sofia und zurück.

Hello guys and girls!

Greetings from Shopski Otryad Sofia!!!

We enjoyed playing that super contested quarterfinal game at FTK so much that we want more! We look forward to another high level Ultimate game with you in the near future!

This is why it is my absolute pleasure to invite you to our annual tournament in Sofia, Bulgaria called the Disc of Peace which will be held on the 7th and 8th of October. I know that it is not the tournament with most participating teams and perhaps it is not even at the highest level of play that you can find in Europe, but if you decide to come to the Balkans and join us for this weekend, you will experience Ultimate in a completely new light. We can promise 6 to 7 games over 2 days of play, a level of friendship and understanding on the field that is unparalleled, a special kind of Ultimate spirit and connection that is near extinction in more developed Ultimate federations and of course a party that you won’t soon forget. Not to mention that Bulgaria is a great destination and spending a few extra days trekking in our awesome mountains, enjoying the seaside or experiencing the natural and cultural heritage of the country will be a great addition to the tournament experience.

Here is a little taste of last year’s Disc of Peace:

Tickets to Sofia are pretty cheap in October with Ryanair and wizzair. We look forward to welcoming quite a few pick-up players from Western Europe this year, so even if your whole team can’t join, you can contact me and sign on to one of the pick-up teams or even join one of the Balkan teams as a pick-up player.

Here is the official Ultimate Central Page for more detailed information on the tournament:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me – I would be more than happy to help in any way I can ;)

I look forward to seeing and playing you all again!

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